Our Process

How does Neurofeedback work?

The brain is an incredibly complex organ. It’s a system of chemical and electrical pathways that adapt to every new scenario, continuously optimizing its performance.

However, it is possible for the brain to become unbalanced, whether it is over or under stimulated. If it doesn’t correct itself, then this dysregulation becomes the new normal. The brain falls into a pattern that it can’t get out of on its own.

Neurofeedback works by pinpointing the areas of the brain that need some encouragement to function optimally. The brain wants to correct itself, it wants to function to the best of its capabilities. Sometimes, it just needs a little help to do so.


What happens in a Neurofeedback session?

In the initial session, we will conduct a brain map (aka a quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG)). We ask you to wear a cap that allows our system to record the electrical activity in your brain. This allows us to see all the different brainwave patterns in the various regions. This way, we can pinpoint where there may be over or under active areas, or where the brain may not be communicating with itself as well as it could be. Then, this data is converted into a visual report, which we can analyze to figure out exactly where and how the brain is dysregulated.

Then, we can customize a Neurofeedback training plan to the needs of the individual to optimize brain function.


patient-brain-testing-using-encephalography-medical-center (2)


In The Second Session

In the second session, we will go through an assessment process. This includes a survey to help us understand the issues/symptoms that brought you into our clinic. We will also go over the brain map from the initial session and discuss our findings. Then, we will conclude with an explanation of our training program and how it can help you get your life back.

The Neurofeedback sessions are simple: you will sit in a quiet room on a comfortable chair. Then, you will be asked to wear a 19-sensor cap with sensors that calculate the electrical impulses in your brain. Our system will give real-time audio and visual feedback to communicate to your brain where it needs to regulate itself.

You can even watch a movie while this is happening. When your brainwaves are balanced and healthy, the movie plays normally. If your brainwaves start getting off track, our system will immediately change the screen from color to black and white. These changes are caused by dysregulated brainwaves, and the brain wants to watch the movie in color, so it will adjust itself until the screen returns to normal.

Overtime, the brain is trained to heal on its own, without outside input. This encouragement is instilled at the unconscious level, meaning you will gain all the improvements without even thinking about it. The whole 60 minute process is non-invasive, relaxing, and natural.



The brain is a complex system of neurons. These neurons are responsible for delivering messages all over your body in the form of electrical impulses. The brain map records these communications and tells us how we can optimize the brain. Not only that, but it also collects data from each of the four brainwaves (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta), and informs us of any imbalance. It gives us the information we need to pinpoint the areas of the brain that are over and under stimulated.

A qEEG identifies brainwaves, their power, location and whether the patterns are typical, but also coherence (the quality of communication between brain regions), and phase (thinking speed). These are all important patterns involved in peak mental functioning.



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