How We're Different

At Integrated NeuroHealth, we use NeuroGuide’s 19 Channel LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback, which is the most technologically-advanced method of Neurofeedback available. This state of the art technology is incredibly efficient and personalized. With most Neurofeedback systems, it can take over 60 sessions before results are noticed. But with LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback, results are generally seen in as little as 20 sessions. Symptoms are reduced quicker and our clients save on the cost.



LORETA (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) gives a real-time 3D image of your brain activity. With 19 channel LORETA Neurofeedback, we can train deeper areas of the brain: entire emotional networks, connections in the neural pathways, speed in sending signals throughout the brain. These are all important factors in helping your brain to perform at its highest level. We work to optimize the entire brain, and this efficiency means fewer training sessions.




To find out how exactly the brainwave patterns are dysregulated, we first must establish a baseline. The results of the initial brain map are then compared to other samples of a healthier brain in the same demographic category. Using the results, we can establish a training plan that is uniquely tailored to the individual, providing them with precisely what they need to optimize brain health.


Equipment and Method

Our system was created by some of the best Neurofeedback researchers and clinicians. They collaborated to create the most effective and efficient psychotherapy tool available. This is a highly personalized method that improves overall brain health.

Initially, this equipment was developed as a medical research tool. It was designed by a world leader in brain research, Dr Robert Thatcher. Marty Wuttke and Joel Lubar are two of the Neurofeedback pioneers who contributed their methods, leading to the first major advance in Neurofeedback in recent years.

NeuroGuide’s 19 Channel LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback system offers qEEG, Full surface, 3-Dimensional Deep Brain Neurofeedback. We use an FDA registered qEEG database meeting inclusion/exclusion criteria, transparent sample size per age group, and amplifier matching. It has been clinically correlated and cross-validated, and is cited in over 100,000 peer reviewed publications. It is capable of Neurofeedback directly on deep brain areas and functions; as well as Hagmann’s Hubs, Modules, and Default Mode Networks. The client’s symptom checklist is combined with the qEEG Brain Map to link symptoms to the dysregulated brain areas.

Integrated NeuroHealth treats the underlying cause of behavioral health conditions affecting children, adolescents, and adults using this highly specialized system. Once a brain map shows where the brain is dysregulated, our software trains the brain to heal itself, encouraging balance and stability. In as little as 20 sessions, the client should notice the effects of a more optimized, efficient, and healthy brain.



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