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All kids are hyperactive, impulsive, and unfocused occasionally. They all get distracted and have trouble sitting still in class sometimes.

But the difference is that ADHD makes it hard for a child to function on a daily basis. It’s a long-term issue, and it leads to problems both academically and socially.

In kids with ADHD, the brainwaves (usually theta and sometimes low alpha) in the pre-frontal cortex are generally slower. This leads to difficulty with controlling behavior, emotions, and attention. Basically, the brain becomes stuck in a day-dream.

Many doctors prescribe stimulants to temporarily correct this problem. But that solution isn’t really sustainable long-term, and doesn’t solve the core issue.

Neurofeedback works by training the brain to balance out the dysregulated brainwaves. It’s a drug-free and non-invasive option that’s engaging to the child.

By placing sensors on the head, we can monitor brain activity. Then, feedback is given to the client in real time, either through beeps or something as engaging to the child as a video game. The brain understands these signals, and adjusts itself accordingly.

Neurofeedback trains the brain to balance brainwaves and regulate itself, leading to an improved attention span and ability to focus.



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We Treat The Core Of The Problem In The Brain For Maximum & Lasting Relief

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We Offer A Non-Invasive Solution That Requires No More Medications

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We Help You Gain More Mental Control To Avoid Relapse & Live Free From ADD/ADHD

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