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Do you have an amazing child with unlimited potential but something seems to be getting in the way?

They may have behavioral problems, social difficulty, or be experiencing academic frustrations. They may want social interaction but struggle to make and keep friends. They may know the answers for a test but test poorly. In other words, something is “out of balance.”

It is painful to watch your child struggle. Whether the challenges are social, behavioral, academic, or otherwise. Understanding the cause and how to help is difficult. Meanwhile, more and more children are diagnosed or “labeled” with countless unexplained disorders.

Unfortunately, unless the origin of these issues is understood, the problems generally follow the children into adulthood and often grow even worse.

Ironically, many of these children are very bright and do great in many areas. Yet, some are unable to pay attention, sit still, and are easily distracted. They have a tough time following instruction and some fail to respond entirely. Some have frequent emotional outbursts while some are picky eaters. Others have poor coordination, difficulty riding a bike, catching a ball, or have no interest in sports at all. Instead, they seem obsessed with TV, video games, and may even ask to watch the same movie over and over.

Want to Re-wire Your Brain at Home to Feel and Perform Your Best?

Use your screen time to train your brain.

No need to travel or schedule appointments anymore. We ship you your equipment. This way you can get started right away. We help children (8 years old and up) and adults.

Who Can Benefit from Home Neurofeedback Therapy?

Science proves that Neurofeedback helps reduce the neurological causes and symptoms of a wide variety of challenges that people experience including ADHD, Anxiety, behavioral issues and many other disorders.

Because Neurofeedback is only offered in a few areas in Utah, it is often inconvenient for some families in out-lying regions to travel to the office for weekly sessions, as required.

To help make the treatments both more affordable and accessible, Integrated NeuroHealth offers a remote training option, allowing you to perform neurofeedback treatments in the safety and comfort of your home.

Though not an option for everyone, those who feel comfortable with computers, and those who enjoy learning, may like the benefits of this service.

It is actually easier than most people think, because the evaluation and the brain mapping is first completed at the St George office, then the treatment protocol is set for the client.

The benefits include:
• No traveling time required for sessions
• One monthly fee
• The monthly fee includes your training, plus it allows Integrated NeuroHealth to remotely log into monitor your sessions.

The initial assessment and qEEG will be performed at our St George Clinic. After the completion of the assessment and analysis, a treatment protocol will be established, and entered into the website.

We teach you in person how to perform the procedure, then after you return home, we can monitor your sessions to ensure that you are performing the treatments correctly. (We supervise by telephone, and by computer.)

The monthly rental fee includes: the equipment, (less your mobile device); weekly remote follow-up sessions; and the initial training.

The first visit and assessment include a full qEEG/brain map (for establishing the individual protocols), interpretation of the brain map and the taking of family history.

Integrated NeuroHealth Home Neurofeedback Program

Focus – Anxiety - Mood – Stress – Sleep - Memory & More.

Integrated NeuroHealth, the leader in highly advanced Neurofeedback training, has helped clients improve their focus, anxiety, mood, sleep, stress, and memory at its clinic in St George for many years. Now the program once available only at the clinic is available to you, at home.

3 Easy Steps in the Home Centered Neurofeedback Program

1. We start with an assessment and a qEEG to gain a better understanding of how your brain performance is contributing to your lack of focus, anxiety, sleep issues, stress, and more. We analyze the information your brain gives us to develop a personalized neurofeedback training program.

2. Then, using our advanced training Neurofeedback platform, you will get all the training and support you need to achieve a stronger, better brain.

3. Weekly check-ins with your personal Neurocoach will assure you that you are on the right track to achieving the brain performance you need to feel and perform better.

This safe, non-invasive technology is easy to operate. You’ll be up and running your first session in 15 minutes. It is easy for kids to use too.

We have Board Certified Neurofeedback therapists and expert technicians available to answer your questions during your program.

The therapist and technicians will analyze your progress using state-of-the-art training graphs and give you regular updates. This is a professional, remote system with Board Certified guidance.

It is very easy, and incredibly effective.

Once signed up for your program, you receive your home Neurofeedback system from Integrated NeuroHealth. Our EEG system comes programmed specifically for you and the needs of your brain for fast and effective results.

The Therapist sets your training program specifically to your needs based upon your qEEG Brain Map.

This is an individualized training program, not a “plug and play” system with one setting. Thus, it is more specific to your needs and can help you reach your goals easier and faster.

The Neurocoach monitor your progress using the clinician’s dashboard and give you frequent updates on your training. Using this information, your training sessions can be modified for the strongest results in the least amount of time.

All of your data is shown to you within the app. You can see your progress in real-time. Your Neurocoach will share with you even more information so you can see your progress for yourself. Most importantly, you will feel it.

You receive Home Centered Neurofeedback equipment, and access to the app. That’s how we read your brain performance.

How Does Home Neurofeedback Improve Symptoms of ADHD, Anxiety, and other Brain-based Challenges?

ADHD, anxiety, and many other disorders are known to be caused by underlying neurological dysfunction of the brain.

Essentially, there is an optimal brain pattern for calm-focus and peak performance. This has been discovered using EEG technology. There are many different irregular patterns that cause the symptoms of different disorders. This is based upon where the irregular patterns occur in the brain and how the patterns affect fast and slow brain activity.

For information on the specific brain patterns visit the individual pages of our website for examples.

Home Neurofeedback teaches the brain, through practice, to produce more of the optimal pattern and less of the irregular pattern the person has been using. Over time, with practice, the new brain pattern will stick. In this way, new, long-lasting neural pathways are created, and the old pathways will no longer function.

Home neurofeedback has been proven by Science to have long-lasting positive effects.
We think of the use of in-home remote training as a substitute for in-office training consistent with our assessment results and treatment plan. The purpose is to save travel time for clients who live too far from our office for regular appointments.

We do require that a client complete the in-office assessment process and has had enough in-office training sessions so that we are confident that the recommended training protocol is proceeding as expected before transitioning to in-home remote training. We also expect the client to come into the office periodically for an in-office review and undergo a QEEG to assess progress.

The costs for in-home remote training will be similar to in-office training. While the single session cost will be lower, there will be clinician time assessed for periodic review of the data and modification of the protocol. Training sessions are purchased in advance for the number of sessions to be conducted between the in-office reviews.

The client will also be required to place a deposit to cover replacement costs of the equipment in the event of loss or damage, as well as to sign a written contract covering the terms of use. The deposit can be covered by a credit card in advance.

Questions about how we can help you? We would love to hear from you!