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Depression robs sufferers of joy and can leave them a shell of what they once were. Individuals can become overwhelmed by the symptoms.


Depression is serious. It’s debilitating and life threatening.


Medication and therapy are usually used to combat depression, but both options have limitations and issues.


Studies show that two thirds of individuals who struggle with depression don’t get the results they need from the first medication they try, and one third don’t get results from subsequent medications.


Every individual is different, so every treatment plan should be different too.


Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, long-term option that is tailored to each individual. It helps to retrain the brain to regulate itself and optimize for healthier, more balanced brainwaves. Teaching the brain to get itself unstuck from negative patterns can greatly reduce, or even eliminate altogether, the symptoms of depression.


Research shows that Neurofeedback can be used to improve brain function through brain training, and it’s a simple, painless process. It’s also been shown to be effective in treating cases of depression caused by specific traumatic events, as well as instances of chemotherapy and other attacks on the brain. It’s especially helpful for those who would like to avoid medication or just reduce the reliance they have on it.


Your brain wants to function to the best of its ability, sometimes it just needs a bit of help to show it how to do that. Neurofeedback gives instantaneous feedback to your brain, which can then pinpoint exactly where it may be dysregulated.


All treatment for depression comes with the risk of recollection of past traumatic events, even if they may have been suppressed for a number of years. Therefore, we strongly recommend that counselling is an available option to the individual.


Studies indicate that after a depressive episode, subsequent episodes are more likely. Because Neurofeedback specifically retrains the brain to heal itself over time, these recurrences can become less likely.


At Integrated NeuroHealth, we believe that Neurofeedback is the best approach, especially when other methods have failed to produce the desired result. If neither medication or therapy have improved your symptoms, Neurofeedback may be an effective alternative.


Using a qEEG brain map, we can see the root cause of depression in the brainwave patterns. Once the area of dysregulation has been pinpointed, we can target it by retraining the brain. This allows the brain to actually learn how to heal itself, instead of just masking the symptoms.


Neurofeedback can help depression sufferers regain control over their mood. It gives them the tools they need to regulate their emotions and restore balance to their lives. In short, it can help them get their lives back.


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We Treat The Core Of The Problem In The Brain For Maximum & Lasting Relief

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We Offer A Non-Invasive Solution That Requires No More Medications

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We Help You Gain More Mental Control To Avoid Relapse & Live Free From Depression

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