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A seizure reflects a brain that has temporarily lost stability.


While there are many conditions that can cause seizures, they all have one thing in common; having a seizure often has a negative impact on the individual's life.


When someone has a seizure, the brain's timing is the electrical response that can go haywire. Neurofeedback can help restabilize this electrical response and restore the timing in the brain.


Eliminating epileptic seizures

Brain training is used by many healthcare professionals to help their patients reduce seizures and their effects. It encourages the brain to become more stable as training goes on, and helps the individual reduce the intake of medication.


One of the first therapeutic applications of Neurofeedback was epilepsy in 1972. Barry Sterman used Neurofeedback to stop seizures in a 23 year old epileptic. She was then able to stop taking medication and start living her life without the worry of seizures. Barry Sterman wrote a paper detailing how he accidentally discovered that cats who were trained with Neurofeedback were less likely to experience a seizure when exposed to rocket fuel. He then tested this discovery in monkeys and eventually humans.


Neurofeedback and Epilepsy

Neurofeedback is specialized training specifically targeted to the individual. Because every individual is different, the training used to restabilize the brain will have to be different for each case. As well, the extent to which the brain can heal will also vary for each individual.

Since instabilities in the brain are the main cause of seizures, the goal of Neurofeedback is to stabilize the brain. It’s an effective, drug-free option for all types of seizures, including ones caused by brain damage. Neurofeedback can also produce results such as improved physical coordination/balance, as well as emotional and mental balance.


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